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Dream Home Inspections by Tim Nixon/ Certified Home Inspector. 

Serving the mountain communities of Colorado in Summit County, CO and Eagle County, CO including Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne, Keystone, Summit Cove, Wildernest, Copper Mtn., Avon, Minturn and Vail, CO.

Please TEXT or call Tim at (970) 368-2668, E-mail tim@timinspects.com with the property address and specifics or fill out the form below for a free quote.

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Every Dream Home Inspection includes Infrared Thermography

Tim Nixon sees the whole picture with the help of a high quality infrared camera. This helps to find problems like leaking roofs, wet floors, and poor insulation. An IR camera is the best tool for inspecting in-floor radiant heat. This service is so critical for a complete home inspection that it is included FREE.

Smoking and Radon Gas are the Leading Causes of Lung Cancer

Radon gas is radiation from the earth. A building acts as a vacuum and sucks it in. Over half of tested homes in Summit County are above the EPA safe level. When ordered, this is a required 48 hour radon gas test with immediate results. The average cost for installing a radon gas mitigation system is $2,000. This becomes a negotiable issue between buyers and sellers when the test results are known. This separate report is only $100 when included with your home inspection.

Your Custom Home Inspection

A Dream Home Inspections report is perfect for both buyers and sellers. That’s because your personalized home Inspection report features a picture for every comment and concern.

You Don’t Want Surprises

Tim Nixon is a certified Colorado Homeowner Builder, since 1985 and now specializes in Summit County, CO home inspections. As a construction and mechanical generalist who has worked in most every aspect of construction, he has the experience and tools to discover any hidden defects.

What-We-Check with your Home Inspection

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Tim Nixon/ Certified Home Inspector*

Tim Nixon came for the winter, stayed for the summer, and found his dream home in Summit County, CO. This is a familiar story for many who live here.

If you've found your dream home, please contact Tim at (970) 368-2668 for your free home inspection quote and contract.

A Dream Home Inspection includes free infrared thermography, a picture for every concern, and same day oral and written reports. Your custom report is perfect for price negotiation, getting repair estimates and making a well informed decision.

*International Association of Certified Home Inspectors #12120903