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Do you need a home inspection? No, but you want one.

Schedule today with Tim Nixon and get a full report within 24 hours of your inspection. You can choose to attend the inspection or see what I see with dozens of pictures included in your custom report. This includes a free infrared camera scan that detects active water leaks, in-floor radiant heat, and any insulation issues. Your quote, contract, payment and report can all be delivered electronically. Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors since 2013.

Centrally located in Frisco, Colorado and serving Summit, Lake, and Park Counties, CO. This includes Dream Homes in Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne, Keystone, Summit Cove, Wildernest, Copper Mountain, Alma, Fairplay and Leadville, CO.

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Send to: Call or text Tim Nixon at (970) 368-2668 or e-mail tim@timinspects.com

Dream Home Inspections Sample Report


“I recommend Tim Nixon of Dream Home Inspections to all of my clients. He’s proven to be the right guy for taking over my successful business.” – George Brown of Summit Home Inspections

“Tim’s professionalism is matched with a personal style that makes him accessible and extremely easy to work with, and equally easy to recommend!”  -Jane T.

“It was a pleasure to meet you and have you inspect our new home. We really appreciate your thoroughness, given the scope of our investment in this property.” -Kevin B.

Hello Tim, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your detailed report. It is extremely helpful and very informative. Thanks again for a great job!  -Heather B.

We really appreciate the thorough report. We decided not to pursue the property. We’ll be in touch as we plan on continuing our search and anticipate needing another inspection sometime in the future. Thanks again for your thorough and honest assessment of the house. -Matt W.

We enjoyed our visit greatly and felt you listed all of our concerns, thanks for sending the report in a timely fashion. – Bob C.

“It was a pleasure working with Tim. I work in the realm of construction defect litigation; therefore, when purchasing a vacation home in the Summit County area, I was especially concerned with hiring an inspector qualified to detect issues unique to this high altitude alpine environment. After researching a number of inspectors, we selected Tim because of his credentials, reputation and over 30 years of experience in this alpine environment. His inspection was exceptionally thorough and he was able to provide useful context to identified issues. Tim was especially pleasant to work with and is skilled at explaining issues in layman terms. His infrared scanner was most impressive as we were able to see into the floors at the in floor radiant heating system to detect potential issues. I strongly recommend Tim for anyone considering purchasing a home in Summit County.”  -John C.

Free Infrared Thermography Scan Included

IR_0338One of the latest tools for home inspectors is an infrared camera. Tim uses the best one in it’s class with a special wide angle lens.

This helps to find problems like leaking roofs, wet floors, and poor insulation.

An IR camera is the best tool for inspecting in-floor radiant heat. This is so critical for a home inspection that it’s included FREE.

Should You Get a Radon Gas Test?

Yes, for single family and townhomes in Summit, Park and Lake counties as we are in a designated EPA “Red Zone”.

EPA Map of Radon Zones

Radon gas is natural radiation from the earth. A building acts as a vacuum and sucks it in. Over half of tested homes in Summit County are above the EPA safe level. When ordered, this is a required 48 hour radon gas test for real estate transactions with immediate results. The average cost for installing a radon gas mitigation system is $1,500. This becomes a negotiable issue between buyers and sellers when the test results are known. This test costs $150 when included with your home inspection. Radon testing for condos and townhomes that share a common basement should be the responsibility of the home owners association. Please ask them for a written test result. If there is no documentation and your unit is on the bottom floor, then you should get this test.

EPA guide to Radon

Should You Get a Water Quality Test?

If your dream home has a well, I offer a water quality test for $150 with the results available in a few days from a certified lab. Testing the well and septic system beyond normal use during the inspection is for licensed specialists. If the seller does not have recent documentation, then I recommend hiring one of several available local contractors. County laws may also mandate these seperate inspections.

A home inspection is like going to a general family doctor. If something is suspect then it’s recommended that you consult with a licensed professional specialist.

Your Custom Home Inspection Report

Dream Home Inspections Sample Report

A Dream Home Inspections report is perfect for both buyers and sellers. That’s because your personalized home Inspection report features a picture for every comment and concern.

About Dream Home Inspections

Tim Nixon is certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (INACHI) since 2013, and a Colorado Homeowner Builder, since 1986. He personally performs every inspection. As a construction and mechanical generalist who has worked in most every aspect of construction, he has the experience and tools for your home inspection.

No hassle E-mail Contracts, Reports, and Payment Option with Paypal

Your home inspection quote, contract and final report are e-mailed to you. Sign and pay electronically through PayPal to tim@timinspects.com, or in person at the inspection. Perfect if you’re out of town or available at the inspection.


Tim Nixon  writes an occasional article for the over 500 members of the Summit Association of Realtors and for the Dream Home Inspections Facebook page. To keep things interesting, this article turned into a poem

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